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Artificial Grass Frequently Asked Questions

This section is to help you with some questions we get frequently asked about installing artificial grass. We are happy to advise and asnwer any question you may have. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Can artificial grass be installed on any surface?

We can install artificial grass to most domestic and commercial surfaces. We can install artificial grass on turf, soil, concrete, decking, concrete, paving and tarmac surfaces. We can also install artificial grass on a balcony or roof terrace. Areas do not have to be completely flat to install artificial grass. We can install on sloping areas.

What type of base do you use?

We always install artificial grass on a aggregate sub-base to the manufactures recommended depths and specifications. This is compacted to provide a soild and free draining base for your artificial lawn. This base is then covered with a sharp sand layer that is also compacted and a durable weed membrane is added to prevent any weed growth coming through.

Can you install artificial grass in Winter?

Artificial grass can be installed all year round. In fact Autumn and Winter have an advantage as the ground is not so hard as in Summer months. As artificial grass is so durable the lawn can be enjoyed all year round free of mud and offer a quick drying time after any rain. We work all year round in all weathers. It is rare for an installation to be postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

Is artificial grass suitable for children?

Artificial grass is a great choice for children, schools and nurseries. Artificial grass is extremely durable and can withstand games and sports without any lawn wear or muddy patches! It allows you to have a fantastic looking lawn that can be used all year round.

Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

Artificial grass can completely transform you lawn for you and your pet to enjoy. Pets love the feel of artificial grass. Th grass comes in different lengths and textures. It is soft and springy that your pet will love running and rolling on all year long. Traditional grass lawns can be come discoloured with pet urination and leave unsightly patches all over the lawn. Artificial grass will not be affected by any pet toilet needs due to the durability of the product. An liquid will drain easily through the artificial grass and into the sub base underneath. It is also very easy to clean after any pet mess. Just simply wash with warm soapy water and hose down. We do not recommend using bleach or detegents on any artificial grass.

Will artificial grass fade in sunlight?

Artificial grass is UV stabalsied from fading in sunlight. The product is treated ad protected againt sunlight and UV rays. All of the trulawnproduct we supply and install have a minimum of 8 year no fade guarantee. The premium luxury and continenatl range have a minimum of 10 year no fade guarantee. Due to the typical British climate they will last a lot longer than this!

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