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Autumn Leaf Clearance

Every season we are finding an increasing number of enquiries and work booked in for leaf clearance services. We have invested in more machinery for our leaf clearance services for commercial and domestic leaf clearances.

In Autumn 2018 we have purchased some more Stihl backback blowers to help with these leaf clearances. We find the Stihl backback blowers a lot more comfortable for our operators to use over longer periods as well as providing extereme power, which is essential when clearing large amounts of leaves.

commercial leaf clearance

We have found a larger demand in comercial leaf clearances over the last few years due to the health and safety aspect. Fallen leaves can create a trip/slip hazard on public footpaths, pathways and car parks. It is essential for businesses to keep these areas clear. Also large ammounts of leaves can get blown into doorways and entrance and exists. Leaving large ammounts of fallen leaves on your lawn and grass areas can also damage the lawn from lack of air and sunlight. 

Leaf clearance services

We offer leaf clearances services for domestic and commercial clients across Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire areas, from our base at Grafham, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. We also can collect and dispose of all leaves that are collected as are registered waste carriers. We also recycle all green waste collected.

Leaf Clearance Cambridgeshire

For further information regarding our leaf clearance services or any over of our Autumn and Winter grounds maintenance services, please contact us on (01480) 260173 or fill in the contact form below.

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