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Block Paving Sealing

After any block paving cleaning service we offer an optional block paving sealing service.

There are a number of beneifits to sealing your block paving areas:-

  • reduce staining
  • reduce weed growth
  • inhibits algae growth
  • enchance colour and asthetic appearance
  • increase abrasion resistance
  • protects jointing sand
  • protects against loss of colour from UV light
  • provides a barrier to contaminants
Block Paving sealing

We provide various types of professional grade sealers for block paving.

  • Polyurethane Block Paving Sealer
  • Solvent Free Block Paving Sealer
  • Solvent Based Block Paving Sealer

We also offer bock paving sealers in various finishes.

Matt Finish - Will leave an almost dry looking surface finish after a few weeks from application.

Silk Finish - Will leave a damp looking finsh to block paving.

Gloss Finish - Multiple coats will leave a long term sheen to block paving surface.

Block Paving Sealing Cambridgeshire

Our block paving sealing service will enhance the look of your block paving and also aid for future maintenance.

We are based in Grafham, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire and cover all of the Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire and Bedfordshire area.

We provide free no obligation quotations and written estimates.

To arrange a free no obligation quotation please contact us on (01480) 260173 or Contact Us Here.

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