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Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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Digger & Dumper Hire

We provide operated mini digger and dumper hire for various groundwork and landscaping works. Mini and micro diggers available for commercial and domestic garden and landscaping projects. We have a range of diggers and dumpers for hire with operators. 

Micro digger and narrow dumpers available for restricted and tight access areas.

We can arrange skips and grab lorries for waste away.

Digger and dumper hire Cambridgeshire
Digger and Dumper Hire Huntingdon

Our pricing structure for digger and dumper hire with operators includes travel costs, fuel and insurance. Joba are quoted on individual basis.

Digger and Dumper Hire St Neots
Operated Digger and Dumper Hire

We can also organise any generated waste removal via skips or grab Lorries for any job undertaken with our mini digger and dumper services.

Below are some examples of the type of work undertaken by our Mini Digger and Dumper hire services:-

  • Groundwork
  • Clearances
  • Levelling ground
  • Digging ponds
  • Tree stump removal and digging out stumps
  • Digging out fence posts
  • Footings
  • Landscape preperations
  • Drainage
  • Trenches
  • Utility trenches
Dumper Hire Cambridgeshire
Mini Dumper Truck hire
High Lift dumper truck hire
Tracked dumper hire

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