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Durapost Fence Systems

As from 2022 we are proud to be registered and qualified installers of the Durapost fence systems.

Durapost Fence Installations

Durapost started with a cleverly designed fence post with a unique H-shaped design which can fit virtually any type of fence panel or board. Durapost now offer a variety of fence related products.

As a recommended and qualified installer, we can supply and fit the whole range of Durapost fence systems.

The Durapost range of fence products offer: -

  • A versatile fencing system that is built to last.
  • Innovative H-shaped fence posts made from cold-rolled galvanised steel in a choice of 4 colours.
  • Composite durable fence panels made from up to 70% recycled materials for environmental sustainability.
  • A range of fence accessories including capping, rails, post caps, gate posts, and gravel boards.
Durapost trained installer Cambridgeshire

The Durapost fence post is designed to withstand wind speeds of 110mph and is guaranteed to endure UK weather for up to 25 years without warping or cracking.

Please fell free to browse the sub sections and see the range of the Durapost Fence products and installations.

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