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Fence Installation in Great Staughton

We provided a fence installation in Great Staughton, Cambridgeshire. 

The client had an existing fence that had only been up for one year from another contractor. The existing fence was not structually sound and was clearly weak and was structually failing.

Due to the cleints wide and open landscape the property had a lot of strong winds across the rear of the property.

Fence Installation Cambridgeshie

We decided that is would be best to install concrete posts, concrete gravel boards and closed board panels.

Each post hole was manually dug and each concrete post put in 24" into the gound. The posts were concreted in with fast setting post mix to enable us to complete the new fence installation in a day.

Fence Installation Bedfordshire

Some of the existing gound was on a decline slope. We had to dig and level to set the gravel boards and a level finish.

New fencing installation Cambridgeshire

We completed the new fence installation in 8 and a half hours. The new fencing was a lot stronger than the clients existing fencing and the posts were dug in a lot deeper. The design of the slotted concrete posts will allow for easy maintenance in the future for painting and replacing panels as required.

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Fence installation Great Staughton

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