Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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Leaf Clearance

We provide a leaf clearance service to domestic and commercial client across Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

We have a variety of professional blowers, leaf vaccums and leaf brushing equipment to tackle a variety of leaf clearance work. We remove leaves from paths, lawns, ponds and driveways.

Leaf clearance in Huntingdon & Cambridgeshire

We can add leaves to your compost heap or place them in your council's green waste bin. Alternitavely we can bag up leaves and remove them from your property.

It is important to remove fallen leaves from your propety. Maintaining grounds during the Autumn fall has a number of benefits.

  • Allows sunlight, water and essential nutrients to reach and penetrate the ground below.
  • Maintains a healthy lawn.
  • Prevention of injury due to slipping.
  • Prevention of vehicles skidding.
  • Prevent lawn suffication

We can carry out regular leaf clearances or happy to provide one off clearances. 

Please contact us on (01480) 260173 to discuss your leaf clearance requirements or contact us here.

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