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Mini Digger & Flail Hire

We have a 1.5t mini excavator available with a flail head attachment available for hire with experienced operator.

The flail attachment is 600mm wide and attached to the end of a 360 degree mini excavator. It’s a perfect solution for flail cutting in hard to access areas where a conventional flail cutter could not access.

Mini excavator an flail hire
ditch clearance Cambridgeshire

The mini digger and flail attachment are a great solution for clearing ground and can deliver a clear cut on grass, overgrowth, brambles and light hedges.

Using our mini excavator with flail head is a cost-effective solution compared to manual clearance work. It saves a lot more time and hard work of manual labour required. The flail head will shred, reduce and mulch growth in seconds.

Our excavator with flail attachment is very versatile. We can cut and mulch down vegetation as well as overgrown areas with ease. A clearance job can be completed in a matter of hours compared to days if doing it by hand.

digger and flail hire
flail clearance with digger

We provide operated digger and flail hire for domestic and commercial work. We are based at Grafham, Huntingdon Cambridgeshire and offer our digger and flail hire for work across Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire areas.

Our mini digger and flail hire service is a perfect solution for: -

  • Site clerance
  • Bramble clerance
  • Access Tracks
  • Light hedges
  • Cutting back ditches
  • Cutting back verges
  • Overgrowth reduction
  • Clearing overhrown areas
  • Cutting back fence lines
  • cutting back hedge lines
Mini digger and flail for hire

As our flail is mounted to a mini exccavator, we can access areas and sites where the ground is too wet or soft to take a normal machine or flail cutter. A great solution to clear hard to access areas. Also we can reach up to around 3.2m with the flail head from our excavator without the need for a workforce to climb access equipment if carryiing out the job manually.

hedge cutting with flil

You can view a video below of our mini digger and flail head in operation via our YouTube channel. This was a clearance job for an overgrown access track. We had to clear around 1m each side of the access track of thick bramble and overgrowth as was snagging vehicles along the track. The track was over 700m long and we completed the job in a matter of hours.

Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Maintenance YouTube Channel

View our mini digger and flail in operation HERE.

Mini excavator with flail for hire in Cambridgeshire & Bedfordshire.

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