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Raised Railway Sleeper Bed in Colmworth

A client contacted us to design and build a small raised bed fron new railway sleepers.

The idea for the raised bed was to provide a small memorial plot for the clients pets. The raised bed was designed around two small existing apple tree trunks that the client wished to keep as a feature.

We decided to design a small hexagional raised bed around the existing features.

Raised beds Cambridgeshire

The site was levelled and the railway sleepers cut and mitred. 

railway sleeper raised bed bedfordshire

The sleepers were screwed together at a double height and bolted together via coach bolts for a secure fitting.

We lined the bed with landscape fabric for weed control. The bed was filled with top soil and plantes added to finish.

Garden beds Bedfordshire
Raised bed design cambridgeshire
railway sleepers cambridgeshire

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