Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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Shed Re-felting

We provide a re-felting service for sheds, summerhouses and various outbuildings.

We can provide new felt roofs in various quality grades. We can also replace rotted fascia boards and trims as required. . We can install a standard or heavy duty felt roof.

Shed Re-felting and roof repairs

We can also repair and replace roof boards and also treat existing sheds with preservatives and stains.

A standard felt has a life expectancy of 4 - 7 years and a heavy duty felts is between 8 and 15 years on average.

Please contact us on (01480) 260173 for further advice or for a free no obligation quotation. Or Contact Us Here.

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