Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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Cambridgeshire Garden and Property Mainenance
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UPVC Cleaning

We provide a full UPVC outdoor cleaning service for UPVC gutters, fascia, soffits, downpipes, box ends and bargeboards. We use a specialist high level cleaning system that can access your exterior UPVC with ease.

UPVC Cleaning Huntingdonshire

Exterior UPVC can become stained and weathered with grime, moulds, mildew and become generally discoloured over time. Regular annual cleaning will keep your UPVC looking great all year round.

Our equipment allows us to clean at heights from ground level. We can clean all your exterior UPVC without even having to setup a ladder!

UPVC cleaning Cambridgeshire

We are based in Grafham, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. We have great access to cover Huntingdonshire, Cambridgeshire and North Bedfordshire from our location. We provide free quotations and estimates for your UPVC cleaning requirements.

UPVC Fascia Cleaning

Our UPVC exterior cleaning service will clean up your UPVC like new. Our prices are very competitive. We aslo provide Gutter cleaning too. Click Here to see our gutter cleaning services.

Please contact us on (01480) 260173 or Contact Us Here.

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