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Wire Fence & Post Installation in Wilden, Bedfordshire

We carried out a wooden post and wire fence installation in Wilden, Bedfordshire. We also repaired some of the clients existing post and rail fencing around their equestrian fields.

Wire Fence Installation

The client had a property rented out on their land. The property did not have an enclosed garden space. The client required a low cost and simple solution to create a small enclosed space for thier tenants. 

wire fence and posts

The enclosed space was important for the tenants as well as the landlords. The tenatans had a small dog and the landlords had a number of horses. The fencing was to create a space for the tenats dog to exercise and to protect the dog from the landlords horses.

We decided a simple round wooden post and tension wire fencing would be suffiecient to produce a small enclosed garden space. The ground was extremely hard. We installed a number of wooden posts around the areas perimiter. We then attached a wire fencing and tensioned it up on each post. The finished result was a simple but neat enclosed garden for the tenants. 

Fence Installation Bedfordshire
Post and rail Bedfordshire

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