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Wood Chipper & Operator Hire

We have a mini wood chipper with operator available to hire for various commercial and domestic tree and hedge work and reductions across Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire areas. Our tree/wood chipper will reduce wood, tree limbs and branches into small woodchips. 

Our mini wood chipper is a versatile and powerful small chipper. Our machine will chip branches up to 4" (100mm) diameter with ease. Anything bigger than this size should ideally be cut and seasoned for firewood. The chipper is a small portable machine so can be transported and can gain access in more confined spaces as well as properties with width access restrictions. 

Woodchipper hire Bedfordshire

What is useful for many commercial and domestic clients is that the wood chip generated on site can be used and recycled to use on your site, grounds and gardens. Wood chip generated from the chipper is perfect for spreading as ground mulch. Using the recycled wood chip as ground mulch provides a multitude of benefits. The chip generated from the chipper make an excellent protective layer which will moderate soil conditions as well as help supress weeds and protect soil from erosion, capping and compaction.

Wood chip mulch Cambridgeshire

Wood chip is great for:-

  • Garden Mulch
  • Bedding
  • Enrich soil
  • Livestock Bedding
  • Weed supressing

Felled trees, hedge reductions, confier reduction and tree and hedge pruning's generate a large amount of wood waste. This larger wood waste is not easy to get rid of unless hiring skips or burning the wood. Chipping the wood waste will produce a valuable mulching material to be used around your garden.

Wood recycling Cambridgeshire

Alternatively, if you did not want to use the wood chip, we are happy to remove, recycle and dispose of any wood chip generated. We are registered and licensed waste carriers with the Environmental Agency. Any wood chip that is not used will be disposed of correctly at a relevant trade waste recycling plant. Most wood chip is then processed and used for biomass burning.

Wood chip recycling in Cambridgeshire

Our wood chipper hire will come with a fully experienced operator with full personal protective equipment and insurance. We will provide all our own petrol-powered tools and equipment to complete the required work. We offer a professional and reliable service and will leave your site clean and tidy.

  • Leylandii Reductions / Topping
  • Conifer Reductions / Toping
  • Hedge Reductions
  • Tree reductions
  • Crown lifting
  • Brash wood chipping
  • Branch chipping
  • Tree waste chipping and removal
  • Green waste recycling disposal
  • Firewood processing
  • Crown thinning
  • Crown reductions
  • Deadwood chipping
  • Pruning
Conifer and tree reduction Cambridgeshire

Competitive prices and professional service for work in Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire areas. For further information please contact us via the enquiry form below.

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