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Dump My Waste
Dump My Waste
Dump My Waste
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Launch of our new Sister Company

Dump My Waste

We have just launched our sister company Dump My Waste. This is for commercial and domestic waste removal and disposal.

Our new company will specialise in providing waste skip bags for waste disposal and collection services.

Our new website has been launched and you can visit it at

Waste disposal at

Cambridgeshire Premier Supplier of Waste Skip Bags

We have set up a online shop where we will sell various size waste skip bags for various types of waste. The skip bags can be ordered online and include the bag and the licensed disposal charge for the type of waste that is disposed.

Dump My Waste

Easy 3 Step process for ordering

Our new waste website offers a very easy 3 step process for ordering waste skip bags.

  1. View and purchase your skip bag at - Your waste bag will be posted out to you. The cost of the bag is included as well as the waste disposal charge.
  2. Simply fill your waste skip back at your own convenience. There are no time limit or restrictions as in hiring a traditional skip. Once filled leave your bag 3 metre from kerbside location for collection.
  3. Contact us to arrange collection of your waste skip bag.
dump my waste registered and licensed waste carriers

Dump My Waste are fully registered, licensed and insured waste carriers. Dump My Waste aim to recycle all waste and keep everything from landfill.

Please take a look at our new waste website and do not hesitate to get in touch for any of your waste removal and waste disposal requirements.

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